Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Registration untuk Beginner modeling for production class sudah di buka

Teacher : Rudy Wijaya 
Beberapa materi yang akan dipelajari di kelas ini adalah : 

- Intro to maya- Introduction to modeling 
- Learning how to work your design in to your model , editing the looks of your model, applying weight, and gesture
- Learning  Primary Shapes, Secondary Shapes, and Superficial Shapes, 
and different type of surfaces. 
- Learning about Poly edge looping and  how to  setup good topology for rigging/texturing
-  Learning how to do UV and how  to use Curve as a modeling tools
- Learning about File management/keeping everything clean
- Using MEL/Python Scripts to help automate some more repetitive task
-  The importance of presentation. How to present your model, turntable rendering, presentation lighting techniques. 

Expected class start date : End of May
Durasi kelas : 12 weeks ( 2 class/week, 1 hr/class ) 

Register here  !! 


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